frequently asked questions

how would you define your photographic style?

that's a big question and an ever evolving one but simply put, I want to capture what is the essence of you as a couple. and not just during your formal portraits but throughout the day. t's in the fine details of effortless hand holding or laughing at that uncle you never get to see as he blurts out those inappropriate jokes all night. it's in the moments of subtle whispers between a bride and a groom that go totally unnoticed and the most relaxing embrace of an exhale - we did it. the possibly dirty shoes, or dress thats gathered a million leaves in the process and the friends that have watched you tour through this relationship with grace and at the same time hardship. these are the moments we get to spend with the people that mean the most to us and I want to capture these flashes of unmistakable joy. the fly on the wall that observes with such care the hard work and love that's been poured into this day. with that being said - I’m not a big fan on moving from pose to pose, so instead let's hang out and create what is you, even it's a bit messy at times or totally put together at the last minute. you two have become this thing of beauty for a reason and it's my goal to connect with that.

 I'm a creative soul as well so expect a little or a lot of artistry depending on the couple. I also strive to capture a portion of your day with my trusty film camera that I lug around. this is an important and very personal part of my life for me - that little or not so little special tool continues to remind me to stop, breathe, and create. there's something that can't be explained with film - you just feel it.

what should we expect?

a lot of laughs. I hope. or at least then a lot of awkward moments of my laughing by myself - just kidding. seriously, I'll probably fall or trip or drop my bag in a puddle or the sand and then if you haven't laughed yet, suddenly I'm pretty hilarious. I'll probably talk a lot about my dogs and cat and how my husband has a pickled pepper business. but seriously. you'll most likely lose sight of me and not because I'm small but most likely because I blend in and freely capture those beautiful, intimate moments you're enjoying throughout your day. also expect to stop and breathe once in a while - sometimes with the madness of a wedding day, I feel it's important to stop for a moment and enjoy what simply is. this is one of the reasons why I absolutely love smaller and more intimate weddings, these times of not worrying about moving from one thing to the next, timelines, etc... we can relax and find the space to enjoy the connection that is you as a couple. I also find it tremendously helpful to take my couples away for a bit for some portraits whether that's in a first look or sunset photos. you deserve these little intimate seconds together on a day can easily fly by in a glance.


what's your biggest advice to couples for their day?

be you. do you. and nothing short of it or more than it.





what's a first look and should we do one?

there's something about crazy anticipation and excited nerves between two people in an intimate moment that is so beautiful to witness and capture. a first look is that time for just you two to see each other before your ceremony without 150 eyes gleaming at you waiting for tears, laughs, gasps, or really anything. you two have this moment with just me from afar to photograph it. you still get to walk down the aisle with those thankful and loving eyes of friends and family but the intensity and anxiety that can be present is suddenly at ease. it's not only just a nice reminder of your bond together but also the space to relax before your ceremony. to remember why this is all happening, to feel that sense of comfort and security that resonates between you two before the craziness ensues can be such a gentle reminder that love is the celebration. 

but it's up to you. I can't say if one should or shouldn't because if it's not you, than don't do it. but if you're like me and riddled with slight anxiety - it's that ease that can make the day feel effortless. 

if you're also big on hanging with friends and family, then by doing a first look, we can bang out quite a bit of portraits beforehand that make it easy to slide you into your cocktail hour and reception quicker for those fun-filled moments.


do you travel? 

I'm always looking for an adventure so yes, travel, please. any reason to hop on a plane or in a car and explore somewhere new - I'm in. please contact me HERE for more details on my collections with travel. current bucket list locations - new zealand (yes, please), prague, bali, chile (take me back), and alaska. 

how do we book you for our wedding?

connection is big for me. so let's take the time to chat on the phone, meet for coffee or a glass of wine, and/or skype for those out of town to make sure I'm the right fit for your day. I find this to be an imperative part of the process and this allows us time to get to know each other and for you to feel into what to expect for your day. to proceed with booking, I’ll need a signed contract and a retainer of 30% of total collection price.


please send me a little note HERE about your special day and what you're looking for and I'd be happy to chat over phone and/or skype about collection details and what to expect.